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sebastocrator died soon after 1182, the year during which he was engaged on the Typicon of the monastery at Viros. The monastery was visited by the Emperor Andronicus Comnenus in 1185, by Isaac Angelus In 1195, and by Villehardouin In 1205. Early in the fourteenth century it was converted into a fortress3 and the country round it was ravaged In 1322 by the Bulgarians. It was attacked in vain by John Cantucuzene? but was captured in 1355 by John VI. Palaeologus.
Another name associated with the Chora at this period is that of the Patriarch Cosmas5 who was commemorated annually in the church on the 2nd of January. He had occupied the patriarchal seat in days troubled by the intrigues and conflicts which drove first Michael VII. DucaSj and then Nicephorus Botoniates from the throne,, and invested Alexius Comnenus with the purple. They were not days most suitable to a man who> though highly esteemed for his virtues, was without education or experience in public affairs, and nearly ninety years old. Still, to his honour be It said, it was at his earnest request that Botoniates finally agreed to forego a bloody contest with the Comneni5 and to withdraw quietly to the monastery of the Peribleptos. Moreover3 when It seemed uncertain whether the victorious Alexius would remain faithful to Irene Ducaena and raise her to the throne, Cosmas, notwithstanding all the efforts of Anna Dalassena (who was ill-disposed towards Irene) to persuade him to lay down his office^ firmly refused to resign until he had placed the imperial crown upon the emperor's lawful wife. Soon after that event, on the yth of May 10813 the festival of S. John the Evangelist3 Cosmas5 having celebrated service in the church dedicated to that apostle at the Hebdomon (Makrlkeui)? turned to his deacon^ saying, c Take my Psalter and come with me ; we have nothing more to do here/ and retired to the monastery of Kallou. His strength for battle was spent
After Its restoration under the Comneni, the Chora again disappears from view until the reign of Michael Palaeologus (1261-1282), In the interval the fortunes of the Empire had suffered serious reverses^ what with domestic strifes and foreign wars. Bulgaria had reasserted her independence